Want Better Sex? Sometimes Simmering Is Hotter than …

Most of us have learned how to go quickly through our lives. We’ve learned to multi-task, be super productive, and measure our worth by how much we do in a…

Is There Sex After Kids?

Do You Avoid Being Vulnerable in Your Relationship?

How to Date with Self-Love

Is Defensiveness Ruining Your Relationship?

Defensiveness doesn’t work well in relationships. In fact, I often say defensiveness is a relationship killer. Defensiveness makes it impossible to resolve issues. When issues don’t get resolved, they fester…

Managing Differences Is a Key Relationship Skill

The Ultimate Guide to First Dates

Set Clear Boundaries and Stop Accepting Less Than …

Start Setting Boundaries with Confidence

Setting boundaries is key to creating a loving relationship in which your needs are met, you feel respected and valued, you feel a strong sense of self-love, and you feel…

Are you really ready for a serious relationship?

3 Reasons to Worry Less About First Dates

First Date Red Flags

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